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Psilocybe cubensis, a kind of hallucinogenic mushroom, is the B+ magic mushroom. Psilocybin and psilocin are its two major active substances. The most popular psilocybin mushroom is p. cubensis. Because P. cubensis are extensively dispersed and relatively simple to grow, their status has been established.

Low strength: 0.25 to 1 grams Medium: 1.oo – 2.50 g 2.50 to 5.00 grams of strength 5.00 grams and over: heavy

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ONLINE BUY B+ CUBENSIS It brings a psychedelic experience to its joyful conclusion by enhancing your inventiveness. When you consume a piece of b+ cubensis mushroom, you experience a powerful and rapid-acting wave of pleasure and euphoria. However, the effects of b+ are by no means excessive. Contrarily, b+ is a highly forgiving strain that allows total beginners to experience a calm and controlled slide into psychedelia. The experience is undoubtedly quite unique!

Its shape is identical to that of a caramel mushroom, complete with a thick, bulbous stem. The cap is likewise substantial, with sporadic spots of pigmentation. When left in heated conditions for too long, it may also become gold. However, it looks fantastic and has much more powerful medicinal properties. After taking the first dosage, the majority of users say their anxiety and despair have subsided.Cubensis mushrooms, b+

B+ cubensis’s effects

Although not the strongest mushroom strain available, this one does its job well. The psychedelic experience shares the following traits most often with other strains:

A deep sense of connectivity, spiritual awakening, increased awareness, foggy concentration, revelatory experiences, ego dissolving, and improved mood are some of the side effects that may occur.

How to use b+ cubensis in food

The majority of beginners could be considering the best approach to ingest this. You must consume the mushroom uncooked and piece by piece in order to retain the majority of the hallucinogenic compounds intact. It should be divided into tiny pieces, so take one, put it in your mouth, and begin chewing! To prevent your stomach from working too hard, be sure to chew it thoroughly. This will guarantee that your body releases psilocybin and psilocin more quickly.

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