Bulk 20mg THC Gummies (100 Bags)


Buy Bulk 20mg THC Gummies (100 Bags) Online


Total Gummies 1000 x 20mg THC
Use Pain, Anxiety, Fun, Sleep, Energy, Creativity
Bulk Price $1000
MSRP $2000
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Buy Bulk 20mg THC Gummies (100 Bags) Online

Vegan and packed with natural ingredients, Eden Bulk 20mg THC Gummies. 100 packets of your choice, each containing 10x 20mg of THC, are included in this bulk deal. If you need a lot of gummies for medical purposes or if you want to give some to friends and family nearby, this wholesale deal is fantastic. You will save 50% off the suggested retail price with this offer.

You may choose between Sativa and Indica strains in our candies, so choose your favorite and indulge:

  • Ride waves of relaxation with our 100mg THC Strawberry Gummies – Indica
  • Boost your day with our 100mg THC Mango Gummies – Sativa
  • 50/50 split between the above

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999.00, Mango (Sativa), Strawberry (Indica)


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