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The majority of our magic mushroom items, including chocolates and edible candies, are included in this Shroom Discovery bundle. This is the ideal method to sample everything we have to offer and decide which item you like most.

For the finest psychedelic experience, all of our products are made from the best psilocybe cubensis strains that are currently accessible in Canada. This package includes:

  • 3.5g Blue Meanies
  • 3.5g Penis Envy #6
  • 3.5g Golden Teachers
  • 3g Magic Mushroom Chocolate bar
  • 2g Magic Mushroom gummies (20x 100mg)
  • 2.5g Magic Mushroom Chocolates (5× 0.5g)

Before taking mushrooms please keep in mind the different dosages for your needs below. Always allow up to 1.5hours for the shrooms to take off!

Shroom Dosage:

  • Microdose: 0.10 grams – 0.30 grams
  • Beginner Dose: 0.30 grams (a quarter) – 1 gram
  • Average Dose: 1 gram – 2.5 grams
  • High Dose: 2.5 – 3.5 grams
  • Heroic Dose: 3.5+ grams


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